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Inclement Weather

Dear Parents: 

Winter weather is upon us, and it is important to review procedures for school closing or delaying the opening of school due to snow and inclement weather. There are times in which inclement weather may prohibit the district from transporting students safely to school. The purpose of this page is to inform you as to how you may be notified if the district is announcing a Late Start, Early Release, or School Closure. If you have recently moved or have changed your phone numbers, please let the school office know so it may be changed in our records. 

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education allows schools to use AMI days for virtual learning on inclement weather days and on school closure days due to illness. The AMI days count as days of attendance as opposed to using snow make up days. Our district can use a total of five AMI days. The use of AMI days requires the district to anticipate our closings and to have all students ready to take home their computers. The Archie R-V School District is choosing to save the use of our AMI days in the event we would need to close due to illness. At this time, we will use the district’s scheduled snow make-up days for necessary inclement weather days. 

Inclement Weather Options 

Late Start (2hr.): 

· Preschool/ECSE will not have morning sessions 

· Busses will run 2 hours later than the normal schedule 

· No morning practices 

· Breakfast will still be served 

Early Release: 

Should there be an Early Release, you will be notified through a School Reach phone call, school email, E-News, and Facebook post. 

School Closure: 

You will be notified of a school closure through a School Reach phone call, school email, and Facebook post. Archie will also notify local news channels of our school closure. Please tune into Channels 4, 5, 9, 41. 

Additionally, there are times that we make the call on extreme temperatures (Cold) only. We make this call when the wind chill is -18 or below.  

The National Weather Service has a website displaying their wind chill chart.  The site’s address is http://www.weather.gov/os/windchill/index.shtml. This chart shows that the wind chills that are likely to produce frostbite of exposed skin within thirty (30) minutes range from minus eighteen (-18) to minus thirty-three (-33) degrees.  Students walking to or from school, or waiting for a bus should not need to be out in the cold longer than thirty (30) minutes.  Therefore, if the wind chill is likely to be at minus 18 degrees (-18) or colder during the time period when students would be going to school, or home from school, we will close schools. 

If you want to visit the National Weather Service website, you can find a wealth of weather information. The site address is http://www.nws.noaa.gov/.   For local information, point and click on the map where Kansas City is located (Northwest Missouri). 

Should you have any questions, please contact the school office at (816)293-5312 ext. 101 

Thank You