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Attendance Review

Review Guidelines
After receiving attendance information, the parent or guardian will have five calendar days to file an appeal with the A+ Coordinator. If an appeal is not filed within those five days, a waiver for days missed will not be considered.

Appeal Guidelines
  • Anyone making an appeal should use the A+ Attendance Appeal Form available in the A+ office.
  • The A+ Coordinator will convene the Attendance Review Committee within five calendar days of receiving notice of an appeal.
  • An A+ Review Committee will be composed of a counselor, a building principal, and two business leaders from the county to review stated grounds of the appeal.
  • The A+ Coordinator will act as a facilitator and a non-voting member of the review committee.
  • After the Attendance Review Committee reaches a decision, the A+ Coordinator will notify the parents by letter within three calendar days. The decision of the review committee will be considered final.