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The Archie School District publishes two yearbooks: an elementary yearbook for students in grades PS-5 and a secondary yearbook for grades 6-12.  Elementary yearbooks are softbound, full color, and approximately 36 pages. High school yearbooks are hardcover, full color and approximately 112 pages. Information about ordering can be found by opening the Word document order form or by following the links to order online with a credit card. Any questions about yearbooks can be directed to Ms. Parker (elementary yearbook) or Mrs. Johnson (high school yearbook).

 Elementary book: https://wpcgo.yearbookforever.com/KStoP

 High School book: https://wpcgo.yearbookforever.com/edtK8

Kendra Parker, Laney Peeples
Library Media Specialist & Yearbook Yearbook Advisor, Archie High School
[email protected]      [email protected]